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Good afternoon Butch, words cannot express how much I love the pavers! They never ever looked this new. Thank you for doing such an awesome job for us. We really really appreciate it. Please don’t retire! Take care. D. Ciard

Paver Cleaning Process in Glen Mills, PA

Cleaning and Sealing Procedure

All outdoor surfaces accumulate dirt and stains. These surfaces need periodic cleaning to maintain their beauty and performance. Our paver cleaning system will remove naturally occurring contaminants like dirt, mold and moss. Mold and moss often make the surface slippery and dangerous to walk on especially when wet.
Accidents happen. Don’t cry over spilled oil. In most cases Clean My Pavers has a product that will clean up that oil spill. We can eliminate most rust and oil stains by using selective cleaners. Tire marks, grill grease and other food stains can also be removed. Bird droppings and berry stains are easily cleaned with high pressure and hot water.
Cleaning pavers, concrete, and natural stone requires; “know how”, the proper equipment, chemical cleaners, energy and time. Our products are nontoxic and will not hurt the environment, kids, pets or vegetation.

Procedure –This depends on the material that we are cleaning The procedure we use to restore, protect and maintain your hardscape project will vary dependent upon conditions such as: the type of surface, age of the material, amount of dirt accumulated, and whether or not it has been previously sealed. Pavers, concrete, brick, travertine, flagstone and natural stone pavers require various methods of cleaning and sealing.

Paver Cleaning

A typical 5-10 year old paver installation will require minor edge restraint repair and minor settlement repair. Once repairs are made any stains, such as: oil, grill grease, tire marks, rust, food stains, bird dropping, efflorescence, or polyhaze will be removed.The next step is to apply a hardscape cleaner and using our hot water power washer with our surface cleaners we will remove ground in dirt and moss which has accumulated in the joints.After the pavers are clean, new joint sand will be washed into the joints using our wet sanding process which has been developed by the manufacturer Seal n Lock.

Paver Sealing

The newly cleaned and re-sanded pavers will then be sealed with a 2 coat application of sealer. This process will stabilize the joint sand and enhance and protect the pavers. Your renovated patio, pool deck, or walkway can now be used in 24 hours. A driveway can be used in 48 hours under typical drying conditions.


PAVEROLOGY — Although some manufacturers claim their pavers look ‘new’ forever – the reality is that all concrete pavers weather and require cleaning to restore their “new” appearance. Think of sealing your pavers in the same way you would polish and buff your floors or wax your car. The process restores the original beauty and protects them from future staining. Fortunately with the revolutionary, new system – Seal ‘n Lock – you can erase the mellowing effects harsh weather and daily living can have on your pavers. PAVERPROS –Clean My Pavers is an EP Henry Certified Sealing Specialists™, the Seal ‘n Lock System™:

Product Information

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Procedure for Estimates – Estimate Policy

To obtain a free estimate: to clean, re-sand, and seal your pavers, please email the total square footage of your project areas, the approximate age of the pavers, and a few pictures of the areas. The square footage is determined by multiplying the length times the width in feet.

Once we receive this information a ballpark estimate will be e-mailed back to you. If this ballpark estimate is within your budget and you would like for us to schedule the work to be completed a deposit will be required for a visit to your property to confirm measurements provided and evaluate the best treatment for your project. After the site visit a formal estimate will be provided listing the services to be provided.

If you cannot provide the square footage or pictures of your project and would like a representative to measure and evaluate your project a fee of $ 45.00___ will be charged to a credit card you provide before the estimate is provided. This charge is for the time and labor involved to visit your site and will be applied as a credit to your project should you decide to have the work completed.